Final Project on Flash

My 30 second video.


The Good Dinosaur


Today  I went to a screening of  The Good Dinosaur with my fiancé. It was an entertaining movie, just like all the previous Disney movies before it. However, the 3D animation was so realistic, the textures, lighting, and contrast between the color pallets were unreal.

The environment  and the world that was created stood out to me the most. More so than the main characters Argo and Spot. Claw Tooth mountain’s massive size and cool colors were a beautiful contrast to the warm colors of Argo’s family farm. The opening scene with Henry, Argo’s father, clearing land of trees and making trenches to sow seeds showed the balance of light, texture, and color that the animators had to achieve in order to produce a realistic feel of the land in this world.

Argo and Spot’s hallucination scene is one of the most interesting displays of animation, and is even more hilarious to watch unfold. The surreal shapes, such as the bulging of Spots eyes and colors like the bright pinks, purples and reds, were done in such a way that stood out from the realistic feel of the movie. The animation was at a slower pace and the music’s upbeat tempo matched the hilarity of their situation.

The large diversity in water that was animated in the film helped to give the world it’s realism as well. There were rivers, pools of small ponds and a small lake. The use of lighting to simulate the sun reflecting on water was done so we could see fragments of rainbow light. As well as give the feeling of the depth of the water. Showing the rocks through gave the sense of shallow river water. The  dark blue green colors for the under water scenes and lack of light created depth.

The vibrant color really set the environment apart from the characters. There was a large variety and use of contrast to imply shadow and distance. The dark greens of the trees as well as the various shades of brown and gray colors coming from the mud and gravel from the surrounding environment that was pulled into the river from the sides of the mountain gave me the impression of the power of the flood and the danger that the characters were facing. The blue and black hues of the night scenes along with the yellow-green colors of the fireflies created shadows to make the night seem more believable.

My fiancé and I were impressed at how much realism the animators could create by using these various elements, and other techniques such as the movement of the trees and plants and the flow of water. As we sat and watched the ending credits which were accompanied by various nature scenes, our eyes played tricks on us making us believe we were looking at real world photographs, but our minds knew better. This was all CG animation and it was mind blowing.

Examples of Animatics

This week I have been working on an assignment to help me better understand story boards. I have been browsing YouTube for examples. Such as this Animatic by Jeff Liu.

Another great example I found on YouTube using the same cartoon has music. However, what I found interesting was the line work and how the characters were much more bold in contrast to the backgrounds.

Animated Shorts

This week I was browsing YouTube for animation inspirations that would help me with my project. I remembered a channel called Simon’s Cat.  I love the clean lines and the fluid animation. I am curious on how long it takes this animator to make one video.

I’ve also been watching the Cartoon Hangover channel. My favorite Cartoon Network show is The Amazing World Of Gumball. Not only is this show really funny, I love the use of everyday objects that are characters, as well as the use of real life environments.